Ultraselect Banknotenzähler mit UV- und MG-Systeme Geldscheinzähler mit LED Display für Euro Doller Pound

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Typ Banknotenzähler
Marke Ultraselect


Ultraselect Money counter with UV MG Counterfeit Detector Money Counter machine LED Display(UK-Pound-Counter) Introduction The Money Count Machine count more than 1000 notes per minute and hold up to 200 notes at a time.This banknote counter can also be used as an fake cash detector, if a note is damaged or counterfeit ,you will be noticed by the alarm sound it made.This machine is a perfect choice for shops, banks vending owners and other businesses. Features Suitable for:GBP,and notes from other countries. Functions: Add function Batch function Size detection Half-note, chained note and double-note detection With Counterfeit detection Ultraviolet (UV and UV/MG models), and magnetic sensors (UV/MG model),the machine is able to detect a wide range of counterfeit notes Mode:Auto/Manual start counting mode External Display CE approval Power: < 80W Feed system: Roller Friction System Dimension: 26x23.5x17cm Weight: 7kg

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